5 Lessons from the First Half of 2017

Picture Courtesy of Printable Calendar Holidays

I am happy to get back to blogging after being out for a while due to a busy schedule and other life priorities to tend to.

If I am honest, the first half of 2017 has revealed a lot in me. Some of what has been revealed is good and some of it is bad. I hope these lessons help you as they’ve helped and continue to help me.

  1. There is liberation in obeying God’s call for your life. On the first Sunday in June, I finally preached my initial sermon. I believe I’ve had the call to preach on my life for 20+ years. It was around June of 2016 that it reached a point where this call could not be contained anymore. Ever since I preached my initial sermon, I have felt serious relief and liberation. Now I can focus on the totality of what God is doing in and through me through the vehicle of ministry. The world is in dire need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ not only proclaimed but lived.
  2. Vulnerability is liberating. I started reading Brene’ Brown’s book Daring Greatly a few weeks ago and that book has been a tremendous blessing to me. I have not finished it and once I do I will do a book review on it. While we must exercise caution, I believe being vulnerable allows us to remember that we are human. What type of world would it be if we were more open and honest about what we are facing or dealing with? It is easy to answer “fine” when someone asks how we are doing, but there are times in which we must be honest and say, “not too good.” I do not believe we are speaking “death” over ourselves, I believe we are being honest and open. I believe a lack of vulnerability causes many of us to walk around with a hard shell afraid to express ourselves. Vulnerability sends the reminder that at the end of the day, we are all in this thing called life together.
  3. Adulting is about displaying excellence in everything done. I believe, with the guidance of God, that opportunities open to those who display excellence in what they do. This year has taught me that if I want more opportunities, I must be excellence in the opportunities I already have in front of me. Why should God trust me with more if I’m not faithful over what I currently have? One of the core principles of adulthood that I believe exists is that NOTHING is given; everything must be earned. Thus, I believe adulthood is about being excellent in what we do so that we can receive more opportunities. You never know what doors will open because of your attempt to do things in a spirit of excellence.
  4. Perfectionism is more in me than I thought. One of the things that I believe holds people back from simply trying is the mindset of perfectionism. Perfectionism will have us sitting on ideas, dreams, and visions because we’re waiting on the perfect conditions to be established before doing whatever is on our heart. If we wait on the perfect conditions to form, we will never get anything done. There are times in which I wonder how many ideas are in cemeteries because of the mindset of perfectionism. I continue to learn that life is too short to hold back on what God has placed inside of us. Go ahead and at least try. You never know what will happen by simply showing up.
  5. Listen with the intent of understanding and not just to respond. Through my marriage of 3 years and my interactions with others, I’ve learned that I am not the best listener. There are times in which I am listening with a response already ready. The problem is that the response that is pre-made can be detrimental to what the conversation was about. I am convinced that once we understand what the person wants to say, we will have the chance to have a better response more appropriate to the situation. To manage people or have a successful relationship of any sort, listening skills are critical. As someone said, maybe the Lord gave us two ears and one mouth because He wanted us to listen more than talk.

What lessons have you learned in 2017 so far? I would love to hear your lessons and get your take on the lessons I’ve learned. Thanks for reading!