The Struggle Is Over!


And after almost two decades (20 years) of running from it and about 4-5 years of serious wrestling, the battle is over and God has won. In May of this year, I firmly and humbly accepted my calling to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ through informing one of our associate ministers at the church I serve at.

How am I feeling you may ask? I am humbled, nervous, joyful and excited about what is going to take place. This is a serious assignment that I am honored God would allow me to fulfill. For about 6 years I’ve served in a teaching capacity at my church. Yet, the call to preach the gospel feels like a very weighty assignment to me. I have tried to run from this task for years, but I realize that I will not have peace until I do what God has called me to do. There are other dimensions of this call that I will not announce yet, but I am in awe of God wanting to use me for His glory to declare His gospel to all creation.

I ask that you would keep me in your prayers that God continues to mold and shape me as He prepares me to carry out this assignment. There are times that I regret waiting so long to fulfill this task, but God’s timing is perfect. At almost 30 years old, I have a different perspective on God and life that I may not have had years ago. God has been working and continues to work on me with my character and sanctification.

Let the journey begin…….


Why I Haven’t Blogged Lately

Grand Canyon University

It has been a good little while since I’ve done a blog topic. However, there is good reason for that.

In June, I was accepted into the Master of Arts in Christian Studies program with an emphasis on youth ministry with Grand Canyon University. I am currently taking my 2nd course on Old Testament Foundations. This class is a blessing to me in being able to study in depth the Old Testament. Because of this new commitment with school, I’ve had less time to blog as the class I’m in demands a lot of time for reading, studying and writing, along with my other life commitments (work, church, family, etc).

This doesn’t mean that I’m done blogging, it just means that I do not have as much free time for blogging as I used to have. I am currently working on a schedule and plan to regularly blog again.

There are some other things on the horizon in my life that you will hear about later. God is doing wonderful things in my life and the life of my family. All I’m wanting to do is obey God’s direction and voice.

Pray for me and my family!