Book Review: Spiritual Warfare For Your Family by Leighann McCoy

spiritual warfare family

One of the most important subjects that Christians must study constantly is the issue of spiritual warfare. The author defines spiritual warfare as “the ongoing resistance that Satan launches against God by exerting his arrogant desire to be God.” This book that I have the privilege to review talks in depth about spiritual warfare as it relates to our families. The book is broken into 6 parts. The first 4 talk about various issues as it relates to spiritual warfare including our weapons in the battle, spiritual authority, how the home can be a battlefield in this battle and much more. The last 2 parts deal with some practical aspects of the battle including what we should watch for as our children grow up from preschool to adulthood and some of the issues that families deal with (blended families, additions, premarital sex, etc)

If there is one subject within the Christian faith that I haven’t studied much, it is the subject of spiritual warfare. Reading this book was a humble reminder that no matter what our socioeconomic status is, every family will face a battle that will require the hand of God to intervene. This book did a great job talking in depth about the issue of spiritual warfare and relating it to our families. It’s also a great reminder that the spiritual health of our families is nothing to play with. The biggest reason for this is because Satan’s attacks against our families are serious business. This book is really good for those who feel like their family is in the struggle of a lifetime. God is blessing my family, but I also know that there are some things going on in the spiritual realm that will try to tear apart my family. I see this book as a call for us to seek God for the strength to fight this battle which is not against people but against Satan.

I would encourage every family to invest in this resource so that you can see the seriousness of the battle we face daily. Satan is determined to win, but you have weapons you can fight with. Last but not least, I encourage us to see this as a call to be a caring community of believers. We never know what families are dealing with. Please do yourself and your family a favor and invest in this book. It will change you and your family’s life forever!

Disclaimer: Bethany House Publishers has provided me with a complementary copy of this book.


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