Book Review: The Power Of The Other by Dr. Henry Cloud

power of the other

Dr. Henry Cloud, one of the most respected authors of our time has done it again. He is the co-author of the book “Boundaries” that came out several years ago. Now he has written a book titled “The Power Of The Other.” The main focus on this book is how others can have an effect on our lives, whether positive or negative. One key point that he makes is that our success can be predicated on the “others” that we have in our lives. He talks about the 4 corners of relationships with corner 4 being the best one for our lives. Corner 4 relationships are filled with honesty, support, encouragement, the proper push, trust and the help needed to see our failures from the right perspective. The power of this book is that it challenges the notion of the self-made man/woman. It challenges the belief that we can make it in this world without others. Dr. Cloud makes the case that our success in life is directly proportional with the relationships we have.

I see this book as a better version of “Safe People” that was written by Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsend several years ago. That book focuses on how important it is to have the right people in our lives. The book focuses on traits of safe and unsafe people. Yet what I love about “the power of the other” is how it extends the importance of relationship to all point of our lives. It’s not just about having friendships for the sake of having friendships, but about positioning ourselves to the best situation possible for every arena of our lives. I wonder at times what my life would look like if I had more corner 4 relationships present with me. This book has encouraged me to reach out to people who I can trust and build corner 4 relationships with them. I have a lot of pride and hate asking for help. This book has challenged me to not be so prideful but ask for the necessary help that I need.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, especially those who’ve tried to navigate life on their own for too long. A lot of us are seeing the consequences of what takes place when we try to do life on our own. I’m telling y’all, I could see my entire life in this book and I believe you will as well. I want to also encourage you, if you have the resources, to invest this book into the lives of those who you know are trying to do life on their own unsuccessfully. There is power in others. Tap into it now!

Disclaimer: I received an advanced copy of this book for honest review as a part of Dr. Cloud’s launch team.


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