The Pain Of Growth

I promise y’all that I will get back to the “what I’ve learned” series in just a moment. In the meantime, I want to share my thoughts on the pain of growth. As we all know, most of the lessons we learn in life do not happen in happy and joyful moments. These lessons we learn mostly happen in the painful moments of life. When we go to the doctor or the dentist, the moments we experience may be painful, but they are helping us in the long term be better. Some results we’ll see instantly, while others may take a while. Isn’t this life?

However, there is one huge pain of growth that I’ve struggled with that I want to share with you all. That pain is not being able to go back in the past to correct and redo the events that took place. Life is all about making mistakes and learning from them. The way life is set up, we cannot rewind the tape and live in the moment again. Whatever mistake we made is the mistake we made. There is no way for us to go back in time and have a do-over. Because of that reality, we must have the mental focus and toughness to learn from whatever mistake that was made and continue to press forward. If I’m honest though, I hate that reality because I wonder how different things would be if I could go back to that moment and do it different.

I want to encourage all of us to have a mindset to move forward in life. We must accept the reality that the past is the past, now is now and tomorrow is tomorrow. While we cannot redo the events of yesterday, we can be determined to let today and tomorrow be different than yesterday. Please don’t rob yourself of the joy that life brings because of a mistake that you made yesterday. Yes the mistake was painful, but what it also produced in you is an awareness of how to be a better person as a result of what took place. Use the mistake that was made as something that can encourage others. Your mistakes don’t disqualify you for the greatness. The only thing that disqualifies you is living in the past. Keep your head up, learn from your mistakes and tackle today knowing that all things will work together as you continue loving Jesus. Walk in your purpose and calling. And if anyone wants to hold you hostage because of your past mistakes, give them a pink slip and tell them “you are the weakest link…..goodbye!”

moving forward


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