The Item At My House


At my house, I have this item that I use before I leave for the day. This item has me smiling at times when I’d rather frown. I also use this item answering “fine” to the question of how I’m doing when I’d rather tell the truth and say “not so well today.” Wouldn’t it be easier if I just told the truth and showed it in my facial expressions? This item says “no.” I have my days when I want to forget the item and just go on with my day. The work that it takes to have it causes me to just want to go one day without it to see how the day goes. Yet, when I think about the fact that most people have this item as well, it makes it easier for me to have it. You see, most of us do things based on what others are doing. I don’t want to be different or stand out, so I just choose to have this item like everyone else. I’d rather fit in and be seen as “cool” than to stand out and be different.

But at the end of the day, I’m paying a price for having this item. I’m losing the chance at being vulnerable. I’m losing the chance at having a support system of people who truly care for me. Is it worth losing these things to keep the item? I’m not sure, but I’m tired of having it and ready to leave it at home. I would hope that everyone reading this fable will be as determined as I am to leave this item at home .Having it with me every day is costing me too much. I’m missing opportunities to be a blessing and encouragement to someone else. I’m also missing opportunities to realize that most of us are struggling daily with internal and external battles. Therefore, if I share my true story and leave the mask at home, I have a golden opportunity to be blessed and be a blessing to someone else.

Have you figured out what this item is? If so, let’s vow to leave it at home before we leave for the day. I’m in the struggle with you. Stay encouraged!


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