Book Review: The Resolution for Men

the resolution for men

I’m here with another book review. This book entitled “The Resolution for Men” is authored by Stephen Kendrick, Randy Alcorn and Alex Kendrick. If I’m not mistaken, they are the creators of “Fireproof” and “The Love Dare.” This book takes a look at the various aspect of manhood from a Christian perspective that one should be keen on. Topics discussed include responsibility, marriage, fatherhood, dealing with the past and so much more. This is definitely a good book to use for a men’s bible study or men’s group. The book makes the argument that there are many implications for being a man, particularly a Christian man. The book challenges men to step into the role that God has given them with confidence and focus. One of the biggest reasons for this challenge is because so much is in the balance based on how men live including their marriages, relationship with their children and so much more.

For me, this book was a tremendous blessing and challenge to read. As a young man approaching 30, my life has made a 180 turn in the last couple of years. Going from being a single man now to being married with a child is a huge shift. Part of the shift is realizing that now God has blessed me with stewardship of a family and marriage. This book challenged me in realizing the magnitude of being a stepfather and a husband. As I said earlier, I would definitely recommend this book if you’re leading a group of young men. Many of us have no idea about the magnitude of our role in this society. With so much going on, it is imperative that as men we operate in the role God has called us into. I am thankful for reading a book that has challenged me to action instead of sitting on the sideline.

I challenge all of you especially those who are men to invest in learning more about manhood through buying this book. It may feel overwhelming (like it did for me and still does at times), but you’ll be more equipped with the tools needed to be a man that makes a difference in society. I believe in you!


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